Food by Season

The Swedish nature changes with the seasons, and so do the people. Each season has its set table. Nettles and asparagus lie side by side, just like apple and goose. The crayfish have their own place, but herring can be found everywhere. At Den Gyldene Freden, we celebrate Swedish culinary traditions and make them accessible to everyone.


Easter: 3-8/4
A spring-like landscape with melting snow,
Gray fields in sun and thaw,
The farmer’s seed, anticipating and waiting

Spring Delicacies: 17-30/4
April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of dead land, mixing
Memory and Desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

Swedish Summer: 6-17/6
June nights never end,
resembling a dewy day.
Veil-like, its twilight rises
and is carried away on bright seas.

Crayfish: August
In August, when the nights already feel chilly
we put the children in the boat with blankets
on their knees
and row late into the deepest darkness.

During two weeks starting the 28th of August we serve a classic Crayfish menu.

Shellfish 26-28/10
During three days we offer a limited set menu focused on seafood.
The menu have to be orderd whole group.

Moose hunting: November
And proudly I want to count each antler’s prong
that you have borne in flawless glory
and carry home over the dew on the heath
my marvelous prey in the evening story.

St. Martin’s Goose: 8-11/11
Tonight at home, a goose feast awaits,
but there’s still a twenty-mile journey to take.
We walk through villages, quickening our pace:
if only the next village were our own place!

The Christmas Buffet: December
And in a bag, I want to pack them all,
and bring them home for the Christmas feast,
and then I’ll devour them all,
delicately served on golden plates.

New Years eve
The year is coming to an end and we look forward to new possibilities.
Come and celebrate with a set menu paired with wine.

“Fantastic food. A dining experience we will not soon forget. Top-notch service. Friendly staff. Until we meet again.”

“Fantastic in every way. You feel like you’ve traveled back to the 18th century, sensing the breeze of history’s wings. You can also visit Evert Taube by the entrance, where he stands as a statue and guardian. A historical monument for all those curious about true Swedish history.”

“Fantastic three-course meal for a larger group in the cellar venue. Very good and pleasant service, they arranged a vegan alternative for one party and gluten-free option for another, and they were also very satisfied. An evening I will never forget!”


We have tables available for small and large groups, for everyday dining and for celebrations.